The Framework

Click the picture to access the checklist

There are five areas within the framework which will support you in developing a strategic approach to equity within your setting. The framework is a set of questions for you to think about which will also guide you towards good practice. Click the picture to access the checklists.

Once you have completed the framework- use this as a baseline. You can then redo the framework at various intervals- we would suggest termly, to see the progress your organisation has made. We have created a tracker to support you with this.


Commitment to equity

  • Is the commitment clear to all stakeholders?
  • Do you know what barriers exist to equality based on the 9 protected characteristics?
  • Do you have a strategic plan to address the barriers?
  • Do you have a governor who is responsible for Equity?

Role models within the organisation

  • Do they exist?
  • Are you confident your recruitment is supporting your commitment to equality?
  • Pathways- are they equitable?, do all have access to the same CPD for example?

Ethos and policy

  • Do they reflect equity for all?
  • Do you have specific policies where needed?
  • Does your culture support EVERY individual?
  • Is behaviour challenged when needed?
  • Do staff feel supported and able to discuss issues? How do you know?


  • Does it represent a diverse and equitable organisation?
  • Do you have displays celebrating diversity?
  • Are all families/ races etc represented within your environment?

Representation within staff group

  • Do your staff reflect your community?
  • Are all staff represented in meetings / work groups?
  • Are all groups represented in Governing Body meetings?

Education of staff

  • Do staff understand all aspects of equity and equality?
  • What are you doing as an organisation to educate your employees
  • Is CPD available to all regardless of ethnicity etc

Wellbeing and mental health

  • Do children and staff have safe spaces to discuss issues?
  • Are children and staff educated about different forms of bullying and discrimination?

Pupil Voice

  • Do you take account of pupil views?
  • Do you give children opportunity to share and celebrate their culture/ beliefs?
  • Do children actively challenge discrimination and bullying?


  • Do you have representation of all of the nine protected characteristics within within literature?
  • Do you represent historical figures from different backgrounds in lessons?
  • Diversity & equality text mapping
  • Does the curriculum celebrate/reflect the community?


  • How are you addressing decolonisation in each subject?
  • Do your texts offer positive representation of different cultures/ race etc?

Equity of provision

  • Inclusion and access


  • Are we educating our children with relation to definitions and appropriate vocabulary?
  • Are we promoting/ allowing discussion amongst our pupils and challenging where necessary?


  • How do you ensure your community understand wider issues of discrimination?
  • How do you improve the education of your parents & wider community?
  • How do you support parents in dealing with discrimination in the community?


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