Does LGBT Equality exist? Matt Dechaine

I think if you asked most people this question in the UK they would probably say yes. They might look to the legislation, including same sex marriage, equal age of consent and the Equality Act which has been passed which led to greater equalities for LGBT people. It is undoubtedly true that LGBT rights haveContinue reading “Does LGBT Equality exist? Matt Dechaine”

To see and be seen- Dani Smith

To be able to see “We are changed by what we see, just as we are changed when we are seen.” Trevor Mcdonald The above quotation encapsulates why a diverse curriculum needs to be taught in all schools. All children, whatever race, gender or culture they are from need to see a mirror of theirContinue reading “To see and be seen- Dani Smith”

Black Lives Matter- Gail Swaine

Get back to your own country I hear them shout Something my grandparents would warn us about Everything was fine before…. Before…..Before? Before what? I explore It’s not like America here the system’s not the same Duggan, Jarrett, Rigg, Patterson and more it’s a shame. Why did they have to remove that statue? A constantContinue reading “Black Lives Matter- Gail Swaine”

LGBTQ in Primary – Kyrstie Stubbs

I feel strongly that we should be teaching children about ALL of the nine protected characteristics within the Equality Act and not just those we may find ‘easier’. Why is it so important? Inclusion by its very nature should mean that EVERYONE is included Children have a right to feel accepted and to belong toContinue reading “LGBTQ in Primary – Kyrstie Stubbs”