About Us

This started as a conversation on Twitter between a group of educators who wanted to support each other to better educate our children. We were united in our passion and our vision of truly equitable education and decided to take action! We are not experts- we are educators. We are not saying that this is the best approach to ensuring equity in your school setting but it is a start.

Kyrstie Stubbs

I am a principal of a large 3 form entry Primary school serving a diverse community. I am passionate about ensuring my school is proactive in educating children and my community to embrace difference.  I fully believe in the concept of ‘you can’t change what you don’t know’ and wanted to ensure I helped other schools who want support in educating themselves to be truly equitable. I am starting an MA in Race Education and Decolonisation at Leeds Beckett University to support my own understanding.

Gail Swaine

I am a member of an SLT team and lead pastoral support throughout a large academy. Recent events have made me even more determined to support schools to educate their staff, children and communites, to ensure that we influence positive change. I was instrumental in supporting the academy in gaining the LGBTQ in schools and our therapeutic schools award and I also lead mental health first aid training.

Dani Smith

 I am an Assistant Principal in a large Primary and have taught in a variety of roles over the past fourteen years. I currently lead equality and diversity across the academy as I am passionate about all families, races, faiths and disabilities being represented in our curriculum to ensure all have the same opportunities. I have set up a diversity library within our Academy to support our staff in their own education as I feel that you can’t teach what you don’t know.

Helen Bartle

I am a Vice Principal in a large Primary and have a passion for Early Years, especially improving equity and representation. I believe it is empowering for children to see themselves and to have a voice in their learning. I want to encourage more practitioners to improve representation both in their curriculum and their resources to give children the best start in life.

Matt Dechaine

I have worked in education for nearly 20 years including as a headteacher and in international development in India. I am an Executive, Leadership and Wellbeing Coach supporting schools and leaders in their development journeys. I am a passionate advocate for schools and believe in developing healthy and inclusive cultures founded on positivity and authentic wellbeing. We can all be the change agents the world needs. 

Toria Bono

I have worked in primary education for twenty years in a variety of roles and am passionate about preparing children to be global citizens and about enabling all educators to have a voice. I created #TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites in the hope that these global conversations would create greater awareness and lead to equality of education for all.

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